Missing you poems

Try these heartfelt missing you poems which can be sent to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

I miss you from the depths of my heart,
its been so long that we have spent apart.
Every little thing that we have ever done,
keeps playing in my mind, as if we were one.
I wish I could just hit rewind and go back,
but there is neither an option nor a hack.
~ Stella Mires
Missing you poems
Someday we both will meet again and then you will see,
that I have been waiting for so long, patience was dying in me.
But through
strength, love and memories, day by day,
I kept telling myself to be patient, victory is on the way.
No matter how many temptations, I was always stronger,
I knew I had to pull on some more, just a little longer.
That day will soon dawn and I will hold you tight and low,
once I have you back, I will never let you go.
~ Olga Blithe

Tears run down my cheek as I begin to cry,
I wish you would never go, never leave my side.
Sleepless nights have I spent, holding my pillow
other times I stare blankly out of the window.
But life is such that distance becomes inevitable,
Why can't everything just be normal and stable?
~ Antoinette Bell

Can't live with you and can't live without you,
I used to look forward, but there is nothing new.
Only the pain the comes from missing my love,
I wish patience would drop to me from above.
This life is getting harder than I thought it could,
but I will be strong like you said I should.
~ Leona More

Someday soon we will meet again my love,
until then angels will guide you from above.
Don't be unhappy, don't loose heart or be sad,
there are great things in store for so be glad.
No matter how far the road seem, keep smiling,
life is too short so for love, lets keep trying.
~ Fiona Bones Next Page: Short love poems

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