Poems about school life

Replace school with college wherever necesary

School life is not just about books and learning,
its about friends, food, creativity and yearning.
Those are the days when we lived life like stories,
school days will always be the best memories.
~ Tesla Brim
Poems about school life where teachers and student rule
Poems about school life
The first day of school, I was crying and was tossed;
sitting on the bench I was looking out, feeling lost.
Then a woman walked in and said she was a teacher,
she taught us everyday, it was like a daily feature.
At the start I wanted to go home and be with mom,
but I had to sit and learn and stick to the norm.
I would eat from my lunch box and share with friends.
we grew up to become buddies who had fun without ends.
Life is beautiful and it would not have been without school,
if you want to progress ahead, education is the tool.
~ Felix Anthology

While growing up I was learning new subjects in school,
some were really boring but others seemed to be cool.
History was boring, all they talked was about the past,
geography was fine, I understood that the world was vast.
I started learning a little and then little turned into a lot.
Soon I started learning maths, chem, bio and what not.
I had fun during sports day and painting was my favorite,
even liked music, art and everything that required to create it.
Though I grumbled a few times, I always liked school.
its a place which creates wise men out of fools.
~Simon Sirrah

School friends are like trees which are firmly planted,
life feels so much better when things go as you planned it.
But hanging out with friends is fun especially when unplanned.
Hanging out on a beach playing volley ball in the sand.
I cannot forget how fab we dressed up for the prom night,
and when winter came with snow storms we snuck up tight.
Those are memories that I will not trade in a life time.
school has changed everything for me in my prime.
~ Deleon Work

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