Poems about love for him

It's been so long we are together,
Your love is steadfast in fair or stormy weather,
I can't deny that you are the best I've known,
I am blessed to have you as my own,
I will love you till the end of time,
Cause you're so faithful n your love is divine.
~ Jean Claude

You are the deepest part of my life,
In the ocean of your love I'm lost,
You bring me peace and freedom from strife,
In your loving words I'm engrossed.
You are very precious and the one I admire,
My love you alone are my heart's desire.
~ Janice Chan

Poems about love for him

You are wonderful a priceless jewel,
In my innermost soul you dwell,
I met you and at once I was attracted,
Whatever I did I was still distracted,
I knew my heart you stole,
Without you I could never be whole,
And that's why I'm keeping you till the end of my days,
As long as we live we will never part ways.
~ Tony Love

When I'm troubled and in pain,
I need to see you face once again,
You clear my mind and make me smile,
You're touch feels like heaven for a while.
I need always to be there for me.
From now until eternity.
~ Christopher Might

I wish I could travel the globe with you,
With my love the world I wish to see,
I know your love for me is true,
Whenever you are close to me,
So let's live life like a song,
Let our love grow strong,
With every wave that hits the shore,
May we love each other a little more.
~ Don Mayor

So strong is my love, an everlasting bond,
As high as the sky, as deep as the sea,
Like a bright new day on me you dawned
Now you mean the world to me.
With your love, life is at its best it seems,
I never want to wake up from these wonderful dreams.
~ Warren Titus

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