English poems about life

Life is a camp where champs are born every day,
Struggles they pass and they overcome in every way.
They don't get over excited by success nor down by sorrow,
they live life each day in the present and worry no tomorrow.
~ Neruda Collins
Poetry in the English language, take courage my friend
English poems about life
There are moments when they will try to conquer you,
times when they try to put you to the ground.
Make sure you have armor of motivation around.
Don't let them get a hold over you with negative talks,
because they don't have the courage for a brave walk.
Unless you have never been tamed by the tumultuous seas,
you will never know what a true winner can truly be.
~ Stephanie Barge

English poems about life

Near and far the winds blow over the arid desert,
where no man walks and sounds that no man has heard.
For the teaming
millions have never felt so abound
with inspiration and inventions that great men have found.
Why act like ordinary men when you can choose greatness.
Ordinary belongs to those who doubt and those who are faithless.
~ Nicola Lolly

Power is something that everyone wants to tame,
while humility is sitting by the stairs facing shame.
Do they not know that true gentlemen possess humility?
Have they forgotten the peace that comes with generosity?
Far be it from me to sin against you my Lord.
Let me be in your bosom once and for all.
~ Aston Barbell

Love is an interesting subject that comes to heart every time,
to make the hatred sear away in the melodies sublime.
The melodies are feelings that are harder to put away,
even the strongest ones get carried away and sway.
Let me understand the true meaning of this word called love.
Give me wisdom that I may understand the whole truth from above.
~ Vincent Donnell

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Do you need to know the language perfectly for poems?
Before you write off the argument all together, remember that writing is an art and not really a fight for perfection. Having said that I know of people who have friends that translate their ideas from one language to another with perfect rhymes too. So is knowing the language really a necessity? Maybe not. All you need is the right ideas and a mind which is in love with what you do.
Rhymes ad language of course is a part of it since this is an art that we are talking about. You can never discount the power of linguistics while writing poetry. All of these go hand in hand but even if you are challenged in the languages area, I wish to motivate you that you can still pull it through with the power of ideas and craft.
Have a great day!

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