Poems about life struggles

As each day passes by, my body tells me it needs rest.
I look into the mirror and my face looks like it lost its zest.
Striving every day to be good, trying hard to stay calm.
But reality hits me again and it twists and turns my arm.
~ Dem Tintoretto Poems about struggles
Poems about life struggles
Poems about life struggles
I don't mind working hard and making things alright,
but the problem is that there is no peaceful end in sight.
Continually working and struggling to make ends meet.
I wish I could just escape from here in a heart beat.
~ Jasmine Nicholas

What use is money when I cannot live a life of peace?
Is wealth any good when I have lost all I need?
I look for
answers but all I get is the silence which is killing.
Searching everyday, but I don't seem to find life's meaning.
~ Jamie Atkins

Poems about life struggles

When I was a child, I wished that I could quickly grow.
That I may become strong and everything thing I'd know.
Then the day finally arrived and that was all I wanted.
Now I am just another person whom life's struggles have haunted.
~ Ronnie Swayed

I could tell a thousand tales about the ways I have struggled in life.
But I don't even find the time to rest from or escape from this strife.
There are no warnings in life, in a moment it can cut you like a knife.
Is there a way out of this, can anyone show me the light?
~ Corinth MC Bell

I have tried hard to be a person of integrity,
All I wanted was a peaceful life of honesty.
I don't know why I am hit with this bitter song.
Life has turned its fangs on me, once I am wrong.
~ Benny Bingo

Struggles with Love - Long Poem by Cathetel
I wonder where Love has lost
in the thick woods or the deep graves?
or lost in the old books of Lovers?
I ponder who comes and saves.
Save us from the illusion
Illusion of Lust to be Love
The presence of Love within
Not to search beneath or above.
No value for relationships
Just a piece of paper to commit
Love just starts to fade away
Only one word “sorry”, we don’t fit !!
How can that be love??
Instead to grow it loses it’s strength
Shows it’s dark colors
And scares us to death.
I doubt this to be Love
Love cannot be this weak
It’s the other name of God
The truth that we all seek.
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How to deal with struggles?
Struggles in life can strangle you if you don't control them. It all starts with the mind and heart. If you seek the answers in the right places surely you will find the answers. The answers depend on the kind of struggle you are dealing with. If you are struggling for peace, maybe you need to forgive others and let it go. If you are searching for wealth maybe you need to search within yourself to find a talent which can really make you wealth.
In life's struggles God has been a very important part of my life and has helped me. I know that if you truly ask him to help you, he will. There will be an answer that question you are asking.

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  1. this is exceptional!!!!

  2. So tuching they really did help thank you


    1. Thank you Jean! I have never really specialized in poetry. It is just a gift from God almighty. Thanks to all who have encouraged me here.

  4. you all havw no idea what true struggle is

  5. I see life as a never ending ember burning up my heart.Taking away my friends that I'll see no more.My loves have gone .And I know not why.I'm just an empty shell.falling in a crevas going straight to hell.