Mothers day poems

From the day I was born until this very night,
I've been showered with your tender love's delight.
I remember the days when I didn't know anything,
but you were kind and patient in teaching everything.
You were my happiness, and I loved you a lot because,
you granted almost all my wishes, you were my Santa Claus.
I will love you with all my heart, you are my true love.
your heart is made of gold and you are my angel from above.

Happy Mothers Day to the best mom in the world!
~ Wolston Lobo

Mothers Day Poems 2014

For me mothers day does not just come once in every year,
it is something that I live everyday, through every smile and tear.
I love you with all my heart mom, I know that you love me the same,
you are the one who gave me good values, you even gave me my name.
I will always have the love and gratitude in my heart for you,
because you are my hero, the one who really cares and is true.
~ Sharlene Vaughn

I am thankful for the times you corrected me in life,
though it was painful and it caused much strife.
I see now all you wanted was the best for me,
wisdom and love is all that I now can see.
Living in your shadow has been my dream to liberty
You will always be my greatest teacher for eternity,
~ Deena Martins

My mother has a treasure trove of beauty and goodness,
she is my champion to whom I look up to in every moment.
I wonder sometimes what would I do without her,
she gave me so much and I don't think I can ever repay back.
All I can do is take what she gave me and then make her proud,
but even that is simply a drop in the massive ocean of love.
I will always love her with all my heart and mind,
because she is the one who gave me life, she is one of a kind.
~ Anthony Willis

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Missing you poems

Try these heartfelt missing you poems which can be sent to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

I miss you from the depths of my heart,
its been so long that we have spent apart.
Every little thing that we have ever done,
keeps playing in my mind, as if we were one.
I wish I could just hit rewind and go back,
but there is neither an option nor a hack.
~ Stella Mires
Missing you poems
Someday we both will meet again and then you will see,
that I have been waiting for so long, patience was dying in me.
But through strength, love and memories, day by day,
I kept telling myself to be patient, victory is on the way.
No matter how many temptations, I was always stronger,
I knew I had to pull on some more, just a little longer.
That day will soon dawn and I will hold you tight and low,
once I have you back, I will never let you go.
~ Olga Blithe

Tears run down my cheek as I begin to cry,
I wish you would never go, never leave my side.
Sleepless nights have I spent, holding my pillow
other times I stare blankly out of the window.
But life is such that distance becomes inevitable,
Why can't everything just be normal and stable?
~ Antoinette Bell

Can't live with you and can't live without you,
I used to look forward, but there is nothing new.
Only the pain the comes from missing my love,
I wish patience would drop to me from above.
This life is getting harder than I thought it could,
but I will be strong like you said I should.
~ Leona More

Someday soon we will meet again my love,
until then angels will guide you from above.
Don't be unhappy, don't loose heart or be sad,
there are great things in store for so be glad.
No matter how far the road seem, keep smiling,
life is too short so for love, lets keep trying.
~ Fiona Bones

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Short love poems

Here are some amazing short love poems.

Like the thousands of galaxies, millions of stars,
you shine like a diamond, deep inside my heart.
What would I do if it you were not beside me?
whenever I see you, my eyes light up with glee.
~ Rene Dove
Short love poems, love poetry
Short love poems
Quote: Beauty glows from your eyes and all the funny things you do make me laugh so much. You are truly a gem of a person and I feel lucky to have you in my life.

Short Love Poems

More than anything, its the good moments spent with
you that bring so much happiness every day.
Every time I see your sweet smile, in my heart
I thank the Lord for sending you my way.
~ Melissa Brown

Quote: I fell in love with you, the moment I saw you that day. Your kindness and love simply captivated my mind. I am so glad that I met you!

So many people come and go but you have still remained,
no matter who I loose in life, your love is all I need to gain.
From sorrow to endless joy, I could always count on you,
I will keep this love forever in my heart until it all comes true.
~ Veronica Mice

Quote: Every second spent with you has been something that I will cherish always. No matter what happens in life, you will always be my best friend and love.

I remember the time when I was alone, all by myself.
Loneliness would haunt me and I was completely shelved.
Then you came like the sunshine and brightened my life.
With all the cuteness and love, you simply made my heart melt.
~ Auburn Nile

Quote: No matter what season it is, you love is the only reason I need. You make me happy in ways that you may not even know. Falling in love with you has been so beautiful.

You never have to prove to me that you are strong,
in your kind smile and loving heart is where I belong.
I won't ask for gifts either, it is not about the money,
All I will ever need is your sweet love, my honey.
I won't demand you to call every hour to prove you care,
I know that you love me a lot, I know you're always there.
~ Diana Vern

Quote: Friends come and they go but love forever remains. I am not going to be bothered by what people think about you. For me, you are the only thing that matters.

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Sickbed and death Poems

The blessing of a sickbed

Some might say that God is cruel
If someone that was faithful for so long
Suffers for so long before passing on
In fact the opposite is true
A soul that is defiled by sin
Cannot enter heaven without being cleansed
Pain and suffering are lovingly implemented
To purify and to make the soul worthy
Had this not been done before its passing
Funeral Poems
Funeral Poems
The soul would have been lost forever