Mirror of time poem

Here are another original poem that I think you will like. It talks  about the mirror and how it reflects happiness, sadness and everything else that happens to me.

I step to the mirror
See the reflection
Younger than before
But I step away
And it is gone

Yet I remain
In all my joy and pain
I hold up my hand

Poems for kids

Here are some poems for kids and little children.

Being a good kid

A good kid is always happy,
in doing what is right.
He never gets bitter,
and he does not even fight.
Poems for kids
Poems for kids
A good kid is helpful,
he does not create trouble.
A good kid is nice,

Romantic poems for your Girlfriend

For some reason I believe that my original work gains even more credibility when I attach fictitious names at the end of the poem. That is what I see everywhere on the internet. Enjoy these romantic girlfriend poems.

I still desire your kiss and touch
Even with the passage of time;
I still love and miss you so much.
You are gone and I am alone,
but being true lovers,
I know that soon, you will be home.
~ Roland Hunter
Happy couple in love
My angel, my love, sent from above
Won't you come and be with me,
My Valentine preferably?
I'll be

Love poems for the one you love

You bring light to the shadows, and are my shade.
You show me that happiness is something that must be made.
I searched and wandered, longing and reaching out,
Then I found you, it's true love without a doubt.
The light of your love surrounds me, astounds me profoundly.
It spirals me through space in endless bliss.
Your breath, your touch, your endless Kiss.
~ Diana Fraught
Poems for your loved one
With wings spread you wrapped me in your love.
Touch me with joy that could come only from above.
My angel on