Poem describing my lover

My Dream Lover

Cherry wood eyes,
Golden creamy skin,
An ever generous grin,
A fantasy from afar,
Is her door slightly ajar?

Love poems, romantic poem about her
Romantic poems
Her enthusiastic smile
Knows nothing of guile.
Is she even prettier within than without?
Any time spent with her leaves no doubt.

So gentle and feminine,
Joyful and sublime,

Cute love poems

As I gaze at your photograph,
I can almost hear your musical laugh,
And though we're so many miles apart,
I can feel your presence in my heart.
Our love will last forever and more,
no matter what fate has in store.
- Amy Keenan
Cute poems, love poems, romantic verses
Love poems that are really cute
How many days has it been,
since the first time we met?
Though it all feels like a dream,
it's a day I'll never forget.
And I've loved you since that day,
whether you're near or miles away.
- Elizabeth Perry

As the day begins with bright sunshine,
my heart is light, knowing that you're mine.

Sad depressing poems


Is this how dreams die,
Not with a scream, but a sigh?
Replaying the same record seems all there is,
Sipping warm soda without any fizz.
Sad and unhappy poems
Like a tree that’s lost its leaves
But still won’t die,
Or a bird that still sings
But cannot fly.

A life full of didn’ts can poison one’s well,
Filling it with a bitterness that’s

Thank you poems

A Thank you prayer
This giving heart, Dear Lord, please bless;
Fill her life with happiness.
For all she's given, all she's done,
Natural warmth like gentle sun,
Many generous, selfless deeds,
Lord give to her and meet her needs;
Cover her in Your holy love;
Write her name in heaven above.
~ Jason Chambers
Poems about Thank you and gratitude
Thank you very much

Very short poem of appreciation and thanks
Thank you so much for all you do;
You're truly a delight;
When my life overwhelms and does me in,
You make everything all right.
~ Larry Summers

Thanks for doing what you did;
you are kind beyond belief;
Your help and caring calmed me down,
and gave me soothing relief.
~ Karl and Joanna

Childhood friend Thank you poem
As a kid I bounced from wall to wall,
Tree from tree, atop of them all.
Fearless as