Poems about love and life

I think about love & I remember you,
My words to define it are only few,
You taught me to fall madly in love,
You are a gift to me from above.
~ Shiraz Milton
Poems about love and life
When I found you I knew I had found my soul-mate,
I can find no one to replace you till date,
Cause in my heart such a wonderful feeling you stir,
You are very special and more precious than silver,
My love for you is so strong,
I know for sure to me you belong.
~ Shenzhen Roll

I still remember our first kiss,
A couple of beats my heart did miss,
The warmth of your arms around me,
It just feels like a great ecstasy.
You touched my heart like no one else has done,
You confirmed you're my angel, you're the one.
I knew you were special right from the start,
An impending crush, I did suspect,
I never thought you would own my heart and be forever my Mr. Perfect.
~ Farrell Jenkins

I wish I can be with you right now,
I fell in love with you but

Poems describing good women

1. Enchanting Elizabeth

Brava for the comely lass with brown-green eyes,
That buxom brunette with a ready laugh and such swell smiles,
Brimming with the wit of an irreverent soul,
Brazenly bearing the confidence of the casually bold.

Poems about women
Elizabeth cares not what others may think.
Knowing only this life is

2014 Christmas poems and greetings

Lo and behold, a little child is born,
the saviour of the world whom we all adorn.
He comes to throw away darkness and mistrust,
Come lets pay homage to him this Christmas!
~ Wolston Lobo
Holy family in Christmas

Finally the time again draws near,
At Christmas time, my loved ones will be here.
We will laugh and enjoy with memories so dear,
We'll pray and live happily into the New Year.
~ Cancan Reid

Let's decorate the hallways
Let's erect the Christmas trees
Let's warm up the chimney

Poems for kids

Here are some poems for kids and little children.

Being a good kid

A good kid is always happy,
in doing what is right.
He never gets bitter,
and he does not even fight.
Poems for kids
Poems for kids
A good kid is helpful,
he does not create trouble.
A good kid is nice,